Friday, June 10, 2011

The Bizcast Volume Twenty-One 2011-06-10

The Bizcast Volume Twenty-One 2011-06-10

This is our first Bizcast with drummer Ben. E. King. All recordings up until Volume Twenty-One have been solely Tim and Phil on computers and instruments. Some guests have been featured in previous episodes, but this is the very first Bizcast featuring our powerhouse full-time drummer, Ben. E. King.

Ben used to host the Magic Monday Showcase at Cervantes' The Other Side. Now, he has moved up to the Sacred Sunday Showcase, but this recording is from November 8th of 2010. The Biz jammed many times at The Other Side with Ben on Monday nights, but this is one of the final recordings from those many jams.

All the music on this recording is completely improvised.


intro: upbeat, gritty, ambient, surf rock, beats, loops, claps, grind, psychedelic, mindfuck, Pink Floyd, Pretty Lights, deep funk, retro funk, reverse junts, chill, synth, laid-back, live electronic, breaks, hoedown, warp, soul cuts

20:00 - Sassy funk groove down, wurly synth challaange at large, disco bass face slapper, hi hat scat down, flowing ghetto synths

25:00 - bass funkdown, shack down, plunky weird out

33:30 - synth rhodes battle

36:00 - samples of Raw Russ scratching from The Gladness

The Bizcast Volume Twenty-One 2011-06-10

The Best of the Bizcast Volume Two

The Best of the Bizcast Volume Two

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Bizcast Volume Twenty 2010-08-28

Recorded Live underneath the Gypsy House for Moe Velez's Quarter-Centurian Celebration of Celestial Proportions, or his 25th Birthday. We had a blast mixing with In.Surge.Ant as well as The Peacock Revolution and a secret guest DJ known simply as BBCee who snuck into the madness.

The original recording from this evening is over 3 hours long and features a solo set with P Buck and DJ BBCee, and set from The Peacock Revolution as the whopping headliner set from In.Surge.Ant. We decided to cut it down the just the 30 minutes of The Biz set to keep things succint this time around. You can see some video of the eveing at The Denver cruisers had a furries theme this same night and many of our friends in attendance were still wearing their animal costumes. It was definitely a night to remember!

Next up on the slate is the Best of the Bizcast Vol. Two. We will be spending the next couple of months sorting through the archives of Bizcast Vol. 11 - 20 and picking the best 80 minutes of music. This is going to be a crazy arduous task as we have recorded easily over 12 hours of music in the past ten Bizcasts. Stay tuned for a release sometime in November as we will be celebrating a year of playing together as The Biz!

Until Next Time, Cheers!

The Bizcast Volume Twenty 2010-08-28

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Bizcast Volume Nineteen 2010-07-24

The Bizcast Volume Nineteen 2010-07-24

We are very excited to present to you Volume Nineteen of The Bizcast featuring a massive amount of live instrumentation. The sampling and beat machines have taken a back seat to the musicianship and improvisation of midi keyboards and multiple synths and bass sounds. You will hear Tim and Phil both playing ample amounts of the sounds that you hear on this Bizcast. We are finding more and more that each time we subdue to our desire to just play music that this form of performance is our forte. We have always been players of music and that passion is rising to the surface of the Biz artform. What you hear in this episode of the podcast is another live performance from The Gypsy House in Denver, CO although this time our friend JP aka The Peacock Revolution was not able to perform with us. We definitely missed the vibe that JP creates but his absense also gave us a chance to expand our set up and try out a few things we haven't done before. We will be looking forward to his return in two weeks when we will also join forces with Moe of Denver local band, Gravity. We hope you enjoy and look forward to the Best of the Bizcast Vol. 2 which will soon be in the works after only one more Bizcast!

The Bizcast Volume Nineteen 2010-07-24

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Bizcast Volume Eighteen 2010-07-17 feat. The Peacock Revolution

Download this episode: Right click this link and choose "Save Link As"

We are very excited to present the first collaborative Bizcast which was recorded live at the Gypsy House in Capitol Hill Denver, CO. Every other week our friend JP aka The Peacock Revolution hosts a session in the basement of the Gypsy House where djs and instrumentalists blend their work with visual presentations by our resident projectionist DiagonaLeigh. This recording is from Wednesday July 7, 2010 and features of 2 hours of live mixes from The Biz and The Peacock Revolution. The sets occur in a trade off style in which one dj will mix until the next group can slide in and transition to their own set. The transitions are mostly seemless, so for clarification sake we will list the times that each group was mixing. Also we should disclose that JP is mixing his collection of vinyl and The Biz is mixing digital samples and looping live midi instrumentation. At times you will hear a blend of both groups playing together.

0:00- 10:00 The Peacock Revolution.
10:00- 1:18 The Biz
1:26 - END: You will hear each group trading off about every two songs as well as playing together toward the very end.

We are happy to release this episode because it has been nearly two months since our last release. Lots of Biz shows are booked for the summer, so we ended to release the live recordings of these shows more often to get back on the grind. Enjoy!

The Bizcast Volume Eighteen 2010-07-17

Saturday, April 17, 2010

THe Bizcast Volume Seventeen 2010-04-17

The Biz is back at it again! After a short break and a good two week tour of the South-east, we have settled back into our own digs and gotten back to our roots of home recording. While out on the road, P Buck had his bass swiped by a guy asking for some major karmic trouble. On the upside of that situation, we have been taking our sound in a more electronic direction which means we are simplifying our rig and leaving our instruments on the sidelines for now. In this Bizcast, you will be hearing a lot of remixes of pop tunes as well as Biz tracks. Coming in at one hour and fourteen minutes, this podcast is a doozie of a listener... but stay tuned and you will find its filled with many worthwhile surprises.

The Bizcast Volume Seventeen 2010-04-17

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Bizcast Volume Sixteen 2010-03-13

This episode of the Bizcast spans more than 24 hours of our beat making shenanigans. We did our regular live stream on Thursday Night. On Friday Tim and Leigh and the crew went to see Maceo Parker. After the show, Phil and Tim mixed some live tracks for about 2 hours. You can hear a bit of it here.

The Bizcast Volume Sixteen 2010-03-13